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Awaken Your Best Self Retreat

Stop waiting to take the next step in your life and join us for the next step in your journey.

This transformative retreat will inspire you to access the very best of yourself and connect with amazing folks on a similar journey.

Our goal is help people envision and re-awaken their dreams so that they take the next big leap in their life.

Don't accept another day being stuck or unmotivated.Take charge of your life and move towards

Whether you are looking to grow personally, get more clarity with your life goals or develop a greater ability to stay motivated, this workshop has something to offer everyone.

Our philosophy is that everything you need is already within you.We just need to access it.

Our habits, thinking/emotional patterns and belief systems are guiding forces in all of us.

Learn to take control of that process and invite a life with greater purpose and meaning.

Why Join this Retreat

-We specialize in delivering powerful and life changing experience

-Our focus is always on you and how to help you access a greatest version of you

-Imagine creating set of powerful habits that are customized to enhance your relationships, business and life

-Meet and connect with amazing people

-Our goal is simple…We want to see you transform, connect with new friends and you get you on your path to greater joy

In this workshop we take a hard look at some of those invisible systems within you and help you begin the process of breaking through old and frustrating patterns.

You deserve greater self-confidence, more inner strength and greater relationships in your life..

We believe that courage is synonymous with growing and that is why we put some much attention into powerful group exercises that we use to enhance your experience, awareness and energy.

Our focus is always on connecting our participants with one another.

We have a phrase we like to use in our workshops… "Take a look around….By the end of this workshop you might have just added to finding that top five list that we like to talk about".

We take pride in being that connector and the truth is that most of our past participants are still in connection with one another. We always talk about the importance of surrounding yourself with people that will encourage and inspire you.


Meet Ken

Ken is a certified psychotherapist that specializes in a powerful approach called Gestalt Therapy that focuses on building a person's awareness, self-esteem and mind-body connection.


Office Locations

Explore your concerns in a warm, safe, and non-judgmental environment.

My offices are located in Calgary and Alberta.