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Rebuilding After a Relationship Ends

When a relationship ends, so does the dream and vision of what was supposed to be.

Often when a relationship ends the feelings that emerge follow the same path as experiencing someone close to you dying.

So naturally grieving is very important to healing and moving on to the next chapter of your life.

The people who allow themselves to feel and grieve are much better off in the long run, but like everything I teach it is in the 'how' we doing things,that means everything.

"Will I ever find love again"?

"How can this be happening"?

"Why did I waste so much time"?

"How could they do this to me"?

"Am I making a mistake"?

"Why do I keep choosing the wrong partner"?

There are many more questions that come, but almost always the big one is "Will I ever find someone that loves me again."

Often the empty space that follows a relationship ending is incredibly painful or feelings of being lost.

In that pain there is a trap door that can lead some people down a rabbit hole of unhealthy thoughts and thinking patterns of negative self-talk against their own self-worth.

Pay attention to what you are thinking or feeling and ask yourself. What am I communicating to myself right now and more importantly does this serve me?

My invitation to people transitioning is "How can we make this chapter about you finding greater meaning, more purpose and alignment in your life."

Of course the obvious number one need is healing from the relationship that just ended, but just as important is creating a new vision for yourself.

Most people find themselves swimming in a sea of uncertainty that is layered in sadness and confusion or a whole host of other feelings.

I want you to know you will get through this.

I have helped many people who are in exactly your situation right now and would be happy to help you.

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Ken is a certified psychotherapist that specializes in a powerful approach called Gestalt Therapy that focuses on building a person's awareness, self-esteem and mind-body connection.


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