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Posititive Psychology Coaching

Visionary leaders not only shape profitable and productive organizations; they create a culture with a strong sense of purpose. No one succeeds alone. Great leaders grow their teams and organizations by surrounding themselves with a support network of competent collaborators, engaged employees, respected advisors, and an effective coach. An effective coach is one who asks the questions that help leaders and their organizations to unlock the potential for greater employee satisfaction and business prospect.

  • Coaching techniques that start by taking a look at what is working for you, what your natural talents are, and how you can work to bring more of yourself and your strengths to help you create the life, team, or organization you have always wanted.
  • Coaching is for:
    • greater clarification on their aspirations/goals,
    • to learn how to believe in their abilities and present their best selves confidently
    • an enhanced sense of meaning in their lives,
    • to working through difficult decisions; ie. career transitions
    • to hone in on their leadership abilities,
    • to improving interview/networking skills,
    • and even support through the adventures of dating


Meet Ken

Ken is a certified psychotherapist that specializes in a powerful approach called Gestalt Therapy that focuses on building a person's awareness, self-esteem and mind-body connection.


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Explore your concerns in a warm, safe, and non-judgmental environment.

My offices are located in Calgary and Alberta.