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Why work with Ken?

  • Working with entrepreneurs, executives and high performing professionals
  • Offering a unique and powerful combination of therapy & coaching
  • Develop a positive mindset and powerful habits for lasting change
  • Couples counselling that gets to the root of the issues quickly
  • Self-esteem coaching for developing greater confidence
  • Learn skillful ways to deal with anxiety and depression
  • Think of counselling & coaching as your creative and most supportive space to discover your personal truths
  • Learn to be authentically---The best version of YOU!

I'm a Psychotherapist & Relationship Coach who specializes in working with busy professionals just like you.

I believe that marriage counselling, life coaching and individual therapy is a great investment for you to learn valuable insights about yourself, how to enhance your relationships and for building a powerful mindset.

Together, we will map out what matters to you most, help you develop greater self awareness and empower you towards a life with more clarity, purpose, and meaning.

Listen below to our approach to helping couples

Ready to get started?

I welcome you to contact us now and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have about marriage counselling in Calgary, individual counselling in Calgary or life coaching services in Calgary.

We encourage you to sift through our website and videos to get an idea of our approach. We know how hard it can be to choose the best counsellor or coach and we believe strongly that finding the right match is key for success.

Listen below to our approach to counselling and coaching

A motivational video by Ken

Please Note: We are not equipped to accept clients who are suicidal, psychotic or have a history of self-harm.

Call us now at 1-888.540.5791 or email me us at

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Your First Appointment


Ken's office is located at 5010 Richard Road, office #250.We are right across the road from Mount Royal University in the Westmount parking lot. Our building is in the south corner of the parking lot and parking is free.

(Please note if you google my name before our session it could bring you to my old address).

What to expect-

We encourage you to bring a journal with any questions and thoughts for your first appointment.

We welcome you to bring a snack or drinks to your appointments and we will certainly offer you a warm cup of tea, coffee or a water when you arrive.

Your first session-

In the very beginning it is about getting to know you.Whether that is as an individual or couple counselling.Usually the conversation starts with your goals and key points that will help us understand you better.Our therapy is not a one size fits all approach and so there no right or wrong answer for what you should share or ask in your sessions.

We believe that counseling and coaching is a great space for you to share and address all your thoughts and feelings in a way that works best for you.Most people, once they feel comfortable share their feelings and thoughts more easily.We take pride in fostering an approach that walks a path of being beside our clients and we like to empower people with an approach that works best for their learning style and unique personality.

What style of therapy and coaching works best for you?

Usually this is different for every person. Some people are looking for skill building techniques, goal setting and having a solution focused approach.Others are looking for a safe space to explore their feelings and concerns in a supportive environment so that they can gain valuable insight/self awareness about themselves. Both are great and we are curious to know which would be most beneficial for you.

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Call us now at 1-888.540.5791 or email me us at


  • Empowerment Counselling
  • Self-esteem Counselling
  • Marriage Counselling
  • Affair Recovery
  • Teaching Communication Tools
  • Dating Coaching
  • Rebuilding After The Divorce
  • Depression Counselling
  • International Coaching via Skype/phone
  • Spiritual Coaching
  • Business Performance Coaching
  • Positive Psychology Coaching
  • Motivational Coaching
  • Relationship Skill Building Retreats
  • Personal Development Retreats


  • Calgary Office Location

    Westmount Court #250 -5010 Richard Road SW Calgary, AB T3E 6L1