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Therapy & Coaching for Adults & Couples

  • Our One Life Team is a passionate & skilled group of PSYCHOLOGISTS, PSYCHOTHERAPISTS & LIFE COACHES
  • We specialize in working with depression, anxiety, self esteem & marriage counselling
  • Are you feeling stuck or lost?
  • Is your relationship in trouble?
  • Are you feeling anxious or depressed in your life?
  • We offer counselling and coaching that inspires hope and empowers you to live your best life
  • Marriage counselling that gets to the root of the issues quickly
  • A powerful combination of positive psychology, mindfulness based psychotherapy & performance coaching
  • Learn to move past old limiting beliefs
  • Lets aim & set the bar to be---You becoming the best version of YOU!

One Life Counselling & Coaching is a collective of highly skilled psychologists, psychotherapists & coaches who specialize in helping people elevate their mindsets, improve their relationships and develop their best self through our counselling & coaching services.

We believe that investing in your mind-body-spirit is an extremely powerful & meaningful way to transform, create lasting change and really thrive in this one life we have.

We as a collective, wholeheartedly believe that we have the capacity to change from the inside out and if we include the power of our subconscious mind, work on changing the story and narrative we tell ourselves, that we can achieve amazing results in our lives.

As the old saying goes, where we focus our energy, that is exactly where our attention goes.

Lets change your story and learn to be the change that you desire in your life.

Meet our One Life Team

Jyoti Johl - Registered Psychologist License #5364

Ken Fierheller - Registered Psychotherapist

Darrah Wolfe - ICF Professional Certified Coach

Take control of your life again

Motivation begins with MINDSET...

Personal mastery is a combination of skill, commitment and mindset.

How do you get unstuck in your relationship and life?

Let us help you with that part, our team is trained in the latest proven strategies and research. We use a perfect mix of processing, structure and art to guide you through a journey of really learning deeper insights about yourself, your beliefs and habits.

We believe that with more awareness, you can choose so many different possibilities for yourself.

Listen below to our approach on marriage counselling

Ready to get started?

We welcome you to contact us now and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have about our services.

We encourage you to browse through our website and videos to get an idea of our approach. We know how hard it can be to choose the best counsellor in Calgary and I believe strongly that finding the right match is key for success for anyone seeking change.

Listen below to our approach to individual counselling and coaching

Please Note: We are not equipped to accept clients who are suicidal, psychotic or have a history of self-harm.

Call us now at 1-888.540.5791 or email me us at

Media with One Life

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Your First Appointment

Our office is located at 300- 8 Varsity Estates Circle NW, Calgary. (Right off Crowchild & 53rd Street). Parking is free.

What to expect-

We encourage you to bring a journal with any questions and thoughts for your first appointment.

We welcome you to bring a snack or drinks to your appointments and we will certainly offer you a warm cup of tea, coffee or a water when you arrive.

Your first session-

In the very beginning it is about getting to know you. Whether that is as an individual or in marriage counselling in Calgary, we want to know how we can best help your situation. Usually the conversation starts with your goals and key points that will help us understand you better. Our therapy is not a one size fits all approach and so there no right or wrong answer for what you should share or ask in your sessions.

We believe that counseling and coaching is a great space for you to share and address all your thoughts and feelings in a way that works best for you. Most people, once they feel comfortable share their feelings and thoughts more easily. We take pride in fostering an approach that walks a path of being beside our clients and we like to empower people with an approach that works best for their learning style and unique personality.

What style of therapy and coaching works best for you?

Usually this is different for every person. Some people are looking for skill building techniques, goal setting and having a solution focused approach. Others are looking for a safe space to explore their feelings and concerns in a supportive environment so that they can gain valuable insight/self awareness about themselves. Both are great and we are curious to know which would be most beneficial for you.

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Benefits of Therapy

Most people want lives that are full of meaning, happiness and fulfillment. The challenge is that many of us have a mindset and attitude that gets in our way to achieving that goal. Sometimes that is because of our past and other times that is because of learned habits and beliefs. Our approach and goal is to always help you discover what gets in your way and remove those blocks by both empowering and challenging you.

The real benefit and magic of psychotherapy is that it can help heal your past and let go of old limiting beliefs, old wounds and show you a different way to engage with your life.

We treat therapy like a lab room, a place for you to truly experience and discover your true north and path for your life. Ghandi once said, his life was a series of experiments with the truth.We encourage our clients to take on the same attitude and discover their truth in this life.

Developing self awareness and a deeper understanding of yourself is key part of this process and it can help you find your own potential and confidence. Together, we bring everything out into the open in supportive and inclusive way to shed light and insight on the heart of the matter, heal the past and step into your best self.

Benefits of Life Coaching

In coaching we partner with you to help you find your inner rhythm as you move towards achieving your goals and we do this by holding you accountable and staying focused by inviting the best version of yourself. Coaching helps you organize your thinking and mindset to align with your highest values and larger goals in life.

We will support and gently challenge you to see your potential and most of all find a core belief for yourself.

You are unique and only get this one life to live. Why not give yourself the gift of committing to investing in your personal growth.

We believe in the creative process of self discovery and by combining therapy with coaching, you get the best of both worlds. You will get to experience the magic of intention/goal setting and the powerful exploration of experimental psychotherapy is the perfect mix for personal growth.

Benefits of Coaching combined with Psychotherapy

Having the depth of psychotherapy paired with the strategy and accountability of life coaching can be very effective for both undoing past unconscious patterns and at the same time keep you moving forward towards a desired future.

We believe strongly in helping people to embrace the present moment, accepting themselves with a renewed sense of themselves and at the same time we know how rewarding it is to have a path forward with goals and intentions.

Having a deep understanding for psychology and how to achieve results in one's life is a great combination for lasting change and finding your own inner wisdom.

How often should you be coming in?

Whether you are invested in couples counselling, individual counseling or coaching you are definitely in the driver's seat with this decision.

At the end of your first appointment we discuss how many sessions you are hoping to attend and make a plan moving forward. We have an online booking system that is quite easy to use and we always like to encourage you to go ahead and book desired times that best serve your schedule.

Most clients tend to book weekly or every other week.Many of our clients will space out those sessions once they have attended therapy and coaching for a few months.(Please note we have a strict 48hr cancellation policy).

What makes your counselling and coaching experience successful?

The relationship between clients and their therapist/coach is always going to be key to success.

Our goal is to help you feel comfortable and confident that you are good hands with us.

Being open and honest about with your inner struggles, such as being able to talk about your fears, worries and true feelings is the best way to enter therapy/coaching.

We believe that the more effort, intention and time you put into something the greater the return will be in your life.So, we always like to encourage our clients to make counseling and coaching so much greater than in the session time and we invite people to reflect, observe and learn about themselves from many different levels.

We will support, empower and believe in you and at the same time we are going to challenge and push you to grow in all the places you need personal growth.

Call us now at 1-888.540.5791 or email me us at


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