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Couples Counselling & Marriage Counselling

Do you need results quickly?

Ken has a reputation for getting to the bottom of issues fast.

He uses his expertise with communication, conflict resolution and relational coaching to empower couples to get the relationship they both want.

What is different about working with Ken

  • Unlike many traditional marriage counsellors Ken gives advice and direct feedback on "HOW" to have a greater relationship
  • Specializes in working with men and helping men open up emotionally
  • Ken gets to the core and underlying issues quickly and with great accuracy
  • Expertise on how to overcome an affair and create trust again
  • Transforming damaged and unhealthy relationships
  • Ken is very strategic in his approach to breaking unhelpful patterns

How does couples counselling work with Ken

  • The first phase is mapping out what success will look like
  • Learn how to undo patterns that contribute to disconnection
  • Develop a powerful agreement to change
  • Learn how to improve the connection and communication
  • Get very specific and strategic with how to communicate better
  • Integrate communication skills to enhance greater connection
  • Learn how to improve trust and create a strong foundation
  • He coaches each individual with specific feedback on what they need to do less of and more of in order to achieve greater results
  • Ken promotes an environment that is easy to share and open up within


  1. Free 30 minute phone consultation (only one partner needed)
  2. Couples sessions (90 mins)
  3. Relationship intensives (4 hours)
  4. Two day relationship retreats (check dates)
  5. On-going coaching

The reality is relationships are complex. If harmful communication patterns are left unattended, the dynamic can quickly turn into an out of control roller coaster ride of resentful feelings and mistrust.

Five Powerful Skills to Improve Your Relationship or Marriage:

  1. Learn to express thoughts, feelings and requests in a healthy and respectful way
  2. Learn how to listen to one another with "'mindful ears"
  3. Take responsibility for your behavior, thoughts and language
  4. Learn skills on how to share your differences and Expectations, boundaries and negotiation—Learn skills of how to share your differences!
  5. Deepen your connection—Increase your intimacy through cultivating compassion.

I specialize in facilitating healthy communication by building the confidence of both partners so that they feel understood, empowered and heard.

In my marriage counselling and relationship sessions, I see couples with these issues:

  • Infidelity, Affairs and Trust
  • Anger Management and Emotional Abuse
  • Separation and Divorce
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Addiction and Co-dependence
  • Grief and Loss
  • Challenges with Children, Parents and In-Laws
  • Conflicting Visions for the Relationship
  • Differing Work-Life Balances
  • Financial or Spending
  • Never-ending Repetitive Arguments

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Meet Ken

Ken is a certified psychotherapist that specializes in a powerful approach called Gestalt Therapy that focuses on building a person's awareness, self-esteem and mind-body connection.


Office Locations

Explore your concerns in a warm, safe, and non-judgmental environment.

My offices are located in Calgary, Alberta.

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